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Jim Teta

jimtetaDuring the 1980’s, while tending a corporate banking career, Jim Teta (along with Joyce) began the first Cheerio with Peter Thornton as the teacher. Since then, it is Jim who many Cheerio attendees have corresponded with and finally met when they arrived.

Jim is responsible for the day-to-day operations and making sure everything goes smoothly for every participant. He brings a continuity to the experience and is the one who keeps the whole thing an affordable mainstay of the calligraphic circuit.

Originally from Port Washington, NY, he moved to North Carolina in the 1970’s with his family of 4 children. Jim’s previous career was at Grumman Aerospace (which is the company that built the lunar module). He also was in the Navy during the Cuban missile crisis, stationed in Puerto Rico. But what he is most famous for in these parts is his meatballs; specifically, his cooking, and if you have been lucky enough to dine with your Cheerio classmates and the Teta family, then you know that he is the top-gun chef, whilst the food is as healthy as it is good and the hospitality is legendary.