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Cheerio | Joyce Teta

THE BEGINNERS’ WEEK | held with Artist Retreat
Joyce Teta Calligraphic Retreat at Cheerio | Photos from Week

Dissecting the italic hand will serve as a means to an end; promising a secure and sound method of study in which to grow and to know you are perfecting your own skill set. Process is individual and the week insures your own pace.
Our endeavor is to teach you to see, to show you habits that will solidify your strengths, recognize your own growth and give you a platform for expression with text.  A calligrapher’s rite of passage is a hand-lettered book; at weeks end, you will have achieved this rite of passage. Consider an in-depth study of line:  forming of line, repetition of line, relationship of line, pattern of line, quality of line, direction of line, weight of line and springing of line. These are the building blocks of the written word.
Beginning is a form of meditation. Starting again is a form of commitment.

A week of meditation and commitment is a gift YOU give yourself.  

To Sign up: Contact Jim Teta


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