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Pictures: Georgia Angelopoulos Workshop

Pictures from our week together with Georgia Angelopoulos.

Our group with Georgia! (please scroll down for pictures from workhop)


georgia img_9694 img_9751 img_9755 img_9759 img_9766 img_9774 img_9802 img_9764 img_9834 img_9824 20160926_185812 img_9813 img_9699 img_9701 img_9702 group 20160925_145947 20160926_185818 20160926_132916 20160926_190743 20160926_212112 20160926_191007 20160928_092723 20160929_181041 20160929_180303 20160929_225218 20160929_225212 img_0001 img_0002 img_0014 img_0011 img_0024 img_0030img_0035 img_0044 img_0043 img_0045 img_0046 img_0049 img_0057 img_9689 img_9700 img_9710 img_9709 img_9711 img_9712 img_9718 img_9715 img_9719 img_9720 img_9721 img_9724 img_9722 img_9725 img_9726 img_9729 img_9727 img_9731 img_9733 img_9732 img_9734 img_9735 img_9737 img_9740 img_9738 img_9744 img_9745 img_9768 img_9746 img_9773 img_9780 img_9788 img_9791 img_9790 img_9792 img_9797 img_9794 img_9799 img_9810 img_9811 img_9816img_9860img_9738