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Georgia Angelopoulos Workshop

THINGS GREEK AND GILDED | September 25 through September 30, 2016

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IMG_2044We will explore gilding using traditional and modern techniques. Our focus will be flat gilding and learning how to tool the gold to create beautiful patterns in relief. We will and experiment with different techniques that can be used in traditional and contemporary work. Everyone will create samples and a gold ‘palette’ or chart for future work using a variety of gold alloys and metals. We will be complimenting this with a study of the ancient Greek ‘Tetrachrome’ palette in the form of ‘mosaic’ colour studies. Raw materials and ground pigments will be brought in to show the origin of our colours and contemporary alternatives discussed.

The next component of the class will be the study of three Greek scripts: ancient capital letters from the time of Alexander the Great, the traditional uncial hand of the world’s oldest Bible, Codex Sinaiticus (ca. 330 to 360 AD), and Byzantine compressed capitals – in particular the charter hands and titling used in the eastern Roman Empire. Rather than learn how to write in Greek, we will be exploring the relationship of Greek letters to our early Latin letters and letting their unique forms broaden our perspective of the forms we know. We will touch on the spiritual and philosophical ideas behind letterform and style.

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