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John Stevens Workshop 2017

Stability, then movement. 

The capital will be our means to learning and working with two simultaneous truths: We must have command of line, form, tool and design for stability sake, yet movement is an end goal for high level calligraphy. It is in a way… life. We say that work has life or these are living letters. We cannot have one of these and not the other if we are to be balanced and expressive. One side usually comes easier to us than the other. In this class we will examine and develop criteria for both; which will make this process a tool of invention rather than gathering and copying. You will replace the mental phrase “Oh, I think the letter goes like that” with “the letter needs to do this for this design to work”
Vocabulary and tools. Thats where it is at. (we’ll make some stuff too) | Click here for materials update

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