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John Stevens | Linearity & Capitals

2015 Class Description

John Stevens is teaching the second Fall class at Cheerio:
October 25—30, 2015 | Sign-up here

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In this class we will balance the moving free line with the controlled line, and  combine both into a composition. A combination of discovery, spontaneity balanced against planning and structure: Practice, exploration and the making of a composition into several works including a book structure. You can hang in any one area if you please, or you can complete the circuit. The interaction in the classroom is also one of the great benefits of this class, and thus has been one of John’s most popular classes.

Two main  goals: 1.) Unleashing creativity, developing courage to take risks and  2.) learning to anchor our work with solid design. This class has proven that people are innately creative and every persons work will have their unique expression.

The freedom we experience with the brush will be more meaningful if we counterbalance it with the discipline of writing with the pen: the basic yin/yang of calligraphy, design, etc. We work with calligraphy, letterforms, design and expression on many levels or on any level, and the student is always on the edge of their comfort zone (but can always return to their base when needed.) This class is ultimately about developing and refining our sensibilities while having a great workshop experience.

Sensibilities are what make some work “special” and while others ordinary. One can learn techniques and copy letterforms, but our sense of how to put them together is the mysterious or even “unteachable” part, because it is hard to pin down. We will have a book by the end of the week (you can see some pictures from past workshops below). Design aspects will be covered as well as the “making” of something. This class hits all the cylinders! Skill Level – Intermediate/Advanced recommended, but beginners very welcome with basic experience and an open mind.  John Stevens Website


Past Workshop Photos


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Past John Stevens Workshops

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