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John Stevens Workshop 2018

Capital Immersion: (Brush, Pen, & Pencil)

There are many approaches to learning calligraphy and the Capital. Learning structure does not have to be drudgery. Where do we pull ideas and variety from? Evolution must be honored, yet personal expression is a desirable quality. This cannot come at the expense of sacrificing good forms or structure. We must practice seriously, to fully grasp form, but when we do, what are the next steps?  
What part of letterforms are fundamental or essential (immutable) and which part is mutable/creative? 

In this class we address both stability and freedom; solidity and fluidity. I take the position that it is possible to pursue both. We closely  look at them, break them down to analyze them, to get clear about form while developing technique.
The endpoint is not to only be correct, but rather develop and trust our instincts. You don’t get to that if your work is not solid.

Our week will include study of these essential forms, practice to refine the techniques and exploration of new possibilities. I often refer to this progression as Form, Rhythm & Movement, as we learn to master each in this order.

What we do in this class can be gainfully applied to all styles of calligraphy.