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Letter drawing 2019

Photos from the class

A workshop by Elmo van Slingerland (the Netherlands) and Jurgen Vercaemst (Belgium). Sept. 22-27, 2019
During this workshop we fully concentrate on hand-drawn letters. We will use various drawing techniques, such as pencil, broad-edged pen, pointed pen and brush with gouache/water colour.

Through helpful exercises you will be able to expand your knowledge about several aspects of drawing letters, its possibilities, proportions, elegance and detail.
We will focus on form similarities and different contrasts and learn about all kinds of varieties which are possible within the three basic forms roman, cursive and capital. With or without serifs, playful or more strict, bold, light, big, small, narrow and wide, smooth or rough…While drawing our letters, we shall always fall back on the written letter which in most cases will be our starting point.
You will learn how to apply the hand-drawn letter (large and small format) in some compositions during layout exercises.

Jurgen and Elmo have a lot of experience in drawing letters, each with their own preferences and background. By combining their personal skills and knowledge they are able to support the participants in all aspects of letter drawing. Each participant can count on individual attention and guidance during the workshop. This will result in a wonderful experience that will inspire you in creating your hand-drawn letters!