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John Stevens Design | The designer of this website and internationally recognized lettering-artist and calligrapher.

Artist of the Written Word | John Stevens’ book about work and life with letters.


John Neal Bookseller For the most complete collection of calligraphic books and supplies.

Paper, Ink and Books Another source for books and supplies.

Twinrocker Paper makers of fine handmade paper for artists, bookbinders & calligraphers.

Scribblers A supplier in the UK. Calligraphy supplies, calligraphy lessons and the unique X-Height Calculator This site has many calligraphers supplies, but additionally has a “guideline generator” to make guidelines you can create and print out on your printer. Great for practice and learning. Publications & Information

Letter Arts Review Full color, beautifully designed magazine about the Lettering Arts /

Calligraphy Callig information site This site grew out of the Calligraphy Mailing List, a world wide forum for discussion and information exchange for anyone with an interest in Calligraphy

Signcraft Magazine The leading publication for signwriters & carvers, etc. Articles on, new techniques as well as the traditional craft, portfolios, leading signartists profiles, technical information & tips and tricks.


Learning Opportunities

Calligraphy for beginners blog: If you are looking to start at the beginning with calligraphy, than this is a back to basic and common sense approach to learning the lettering arts.

Conference: Calligraphy Northwest 2012, June 24 – July 1, 2012, Reed College, Portland, Oregon

History of Writing & Calligraphy: very thorough article on development, tools, techniques, examples, etc by Britannica.

Wikipedia Calligraphy Article

Groups & Societies

J-LAF | Japan Letter Arts Forum Organization for western calligraphy in Japan. Exhibitions, articles and workshops. There is an interview with John Stevens. They recently held a joint exhibition “Line & Spirit” featuring calligraphers from Belgium and Japan. Alpha-Club Organization for western calligraphers based in Tokyo, Japan. Members are primarily those who live in Japan from Hokkaido through Kyusyu, but membership is open to all interested. News of workshops & newsletter (quarterly) From Beginner to Professional. A Wide array of exhibitions & learning opportunities.

CLAS • Carolina Lettering Arts Society The mission of the Carolina Lettering arts Society is to promote the study, practice, education in and appreciation of calligraphy, lettering and the book arts. Info on events and how to join, etc.

SSI Society of Scribes & Illuminators Oldest and considered most prestigious calligraphy

New York Society of Scribes: One of the first societies started in 1974 after an inspirational workshop with Donald Jackson. Contains workshop info, gallery, joining and contact info.   Education / Workshops / Conferences Odyssey 2010 is the 30th International

Various other sites of interest

SFPL Book Arts & Special Collections Center of the San Francisco Public Library

Saint John’s Bible The Saint John’s Bible will be the first handwritten, illuminated Bible in the modern era. It is being created by scribes in a scriptorium in Wales under the artistic direction of Donald Jackson, one of the world’s foremost calligraphers and the Scribe to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Office at the House of Lords.

Cynscribe The most incredible links page for calligraphers / book artists / lettering people you are likely to ever find. A wonderful resource.

Toko Schinoda A wonderful website of this Japanese artists’ work which are mostly compositions using calligraphic marks . Very inspiring. Cynscribe The most incredible links page for calligraphers / book artists / lettering people you are likely to ever find. A wonderful resource.

Calligraphy, Lettering Art & Artist Books curated by Cecilia • A comprehensive site highlighting the work of Australia’s calligraphers as well as international galleries. The Newberry Library This Library contains a wonderful manuscript collection and work of modern day scribes.

The Newberry Library This Library contains a wonderful manuscript collection and work of modern day scribes

Martin O’Brien • Cabinet Maker A furniture craftsman of the highest order who also does letter carving in wood, sometimes in collaboration with us.

Monique Lallier • Design Book Binder: Very beautiful and skillful work of French-Canadian book artist, now working in Greensboro, NC

Calendars by Bob Boyajian • A collection of 40 callgraphic calendars by Bob Boyajian. More will be added as he has done hundreds of them.

Barbara Yale-Read Website of her work and students at Appalachian State University. We thank her for contributing the notes from Moniques’ class.

Metabolic Effect Fitness and Lifestyle company in North Carolina. Authors of the book: The New ME Diet.

JoyceTeta.com Joyce Teta’s personal website of book arts and calligraphy.


Artists who have taught at Cheerio-websites :

Denis Brown

John Stevens

Peter Thornton

Georgia Deaver

Brody Neuenschwander

Julian Waters

Sheila Waters

Yves Leterme

Thomas Ingmire

Laurie Doctor

Tom Perkins & Gaynor Goffe

Thomas Hoyer

Monique Lallier

Christopher Haanes

Anne Cowie