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Ordering Calligraphy

Many people have never ordered or commissioned an artist and haven’t the first idea of what to expect. We will answer questions and still want to hear from you, but below, we outline some FAQ (frequently asked questions). (or click here to see video and list of services)

traditional calligraphy, John StevensWeddings: We get quite a few requests as this is the most popular request a calligrapher gets. There are addressing envelopes and placecards and then there is the invitation itself. There is a lot of protocol here and it is best to give us a call to consult. You can also email your request for a price. We need to know the paper/envelope you have (or can get us to choose), quantity, style preferences (any information you can supply)

Poems & Quotes: These are short quotes or longer texts. Usually, we will design and work out the best approach for you. But you may have some thoughts or design considerations. We listen and want to please you. But no need to tell us how to design as we are very experienced. We will try to guide you toward the best, most unique solution. (be for warned; there are papers beside parchment)

Certificates / Resolutions: These are honorary and we try to make them special for the person or occasion. As with other types of work, it is best if we can see the text as soon as possible so that we may make some helpful suggestions and get an idea of what you need. Usually, first drafts that we receive are very wordy and benefit from a bit of editing. But, we will do it anyway you like. There are also Quaker Wedding contracts which follow very specific rules. We have done these as well.

Special commissions: Books,

Calligraphy Styles
These styles are just a few of what we do, they are not fonts. By far, italic and copperplate are most popular. Shown at right are some variations on each-showing various “weights” and “ornateness”. We can also match a script that you have a sample of. Viewing on the web is not the clearest example, but should give some idea. A sample can be prepared especially for you at a nominal cost, (refunded if we do job).


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