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Spring 2014


Yukimi Annand | Text and Texture
Abstract Calligraphy with Expressive Texture | May 2014 | Pictures from workshop

I have a passion for textures, especially textures found in nature. After years of learning a variety of Roman letters, I discovered the beauty of each stroke and the unique textures that result from writing strokes with rhythm. Recently I am challenging myself to write and draw those textures merging into Modern Japanese calligraphy* and American Abstract Expressionism**.

In this workshop, we will experience the usage of tools as extensions of our hand. We will start by creating marks with different writing tools and different objects. Then we will design alphabets with those new marks to write our chosen texts in various ways. We’ll examine writing speed, pressure, the directions of strokes, and the relationship between letters. Study of layering, tones, basic design layout and composition, and use of line and space in Japanese calligraphy will be presented for making effective textures. All exercise sheets will be temporarily bound for further experiments. Directed projects will include series of art works, an accordion book, and/or 3D art works. 

I am looking forward to sharing the moment each of us express our feeling affectively, deeply, strongly and evocatively into our creation by writing texts on chosen spaces during the workshop.


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