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Cheerio Calligraphy | Fall 2014


John Stevens | Capitals: Form, Rhythm & Movement

The capital is perhaps the most versatile form for both solid and graceful design and providing seeds for exploration. We will enjoy a week in which we explore the capital letter from many points of view: focusing our skills and expressive possibilities and concluding with usable somethings. We start with monoline, getting the best forms into our hands and soul. Geometry morphing into “hand-friendly” forms, design strategies and eventually the broad pen. We can then build on this toward confidence and rhythm while introducting subtle modifications. There are ideas for building and expanding our creative repetoire while holding on to the forms that serve us, giving our designs structure. So…you will be practicing a lot this week. New ideas mean nothing if we don’t DO, so I will be following a “less is more” philosophy. Variants that are informed by content, as well as bold and light versions. Participants can expect some review, an introduction to variants and some experimentation with expressive capital forms and their placement on the page. We will strive for that ideal balance of “something old, something new, something borrowed…” and work at a comfortable pace to make sure we “get it” and feel it. And…you will know your proportions!


Class 1: September 21-26, 2014 | Photos

Class 2: October 26-31, 2014 | Photos

 Update for Class | Video from workshop


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