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Spring 2020 | Joke Boudens


Cheerio is proud to present a Workshop with Joke Boudens | May 3-8, 2020

 In this workshop, we make our own concertina book with a minimum of 3 pages. The course of this week consists of two parts: the first part deals with variations on the Carolingian, using a pigment liner. Caroline minuscule was used in the Holy Roman Empire between approximately 800 and 1200 and appeared under the influence of  Charlemagne. In the second part of this workshop, we will work on filling a concertina book of 3 pages, combining images and lettering. A beautiful layout is decisive in this workshop. I’ll hand you over tips and tricks to obtain a well balanced layout throughout the whole book. Theme can be anything: a trip, a hobby, a cookery book, a country or city you visited, nature, your child or grandchild … Collect and bring as many information as you can about your chosen theme: texts, poems, dates, images to use in a collage… If you are able to make your own illustrations in gouache, watercolor, color pencil, graphite… you are of course very welcome to do so.

This workshop is suitable for intermediate and advanced students because It’s a welcome bonus to combine different hands (uncial, roman capitals, gothic …) in your book. In that case, you can bring your calligraphy material. Nevertheless, beginners are welcome and are invited to take this class as an accelerated class on Carolingian hand.