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Victorian style interior design

The good old England style does not let go not only of the English themselves, but also of those who have never been in this England. Maybe Dickens was re-read in childhood, and maybe the Bronte sisters, but I really want to get a Victorian style in my house, even if this house is not only from Mr. Rochester’s castle, but from the seedy townhouse itself is unusual and far from everything. So why not? Elements of the Victorian style, whether it is an Indian carpet on a solid wooden floor or a functional harsh kitchen, all this is quite affordable and is not so expensive as it might seem due to ignorance of the issue.

It's all about windows

Victorian windows have a rectangular shape and minimalist design. If there is nothing you can do about the form, but it is quite possible not to hang the windows with layers of tulle and curtains. You can also replace the windows themselves by choosing those that are closer in design to Victorian England, and not to our favorite windows and other wings. Although a good window in our climate will be sorely missed.

Floors Above All

Linoleum, carpet, tile - this is not a Victorian style. The real Victorian style is real wooden floors, that is, in the modern interpretation, a laminate under a tree. It is under the tree, and not under the Christmas tree parquet. Indian carpets look great on such floors, for example, designer carpets. In those distant colonial times, the Indian carpet on the floor was considered a sign of special affluence and extraordinary dignity.

Even the simplest room, furnished in a minimalist style, a wooden floor and a carpet will turn into something very interesting. If you put on the carpet a table with bent legs, then the inimitable fusion style is provided to you. But do not overdo it with carpets - one on the floor is enough. Carpet on the wall - this is a completely different style.

There is never enough kitchen

Victorian style requires large kitchens with large tables. If you can’t do anything about the size, but decorating the kitchen in bright plain colors and replacing our favorite kitchen table with a bar counter is quite possible.

High ceilings

To make the ceilings seem higher, paint the walls under the very ceiling and decorate them not with a bunch of small details, but with large significant elements, placing them at eye level.

More light

Lamps can create the atmosphere of a real Victorian mansion even in the smallest room. If you have real, and not visually high ceilings, choose chandeliers in an old, candle, style. If the ceilings are not so high, then wall and floor lamps in the form of candlesticks will help create the right mood. The chandelier on the ceiling, let it be flat and in a minimalist design. I was not able to learn a profession in vocational school, so I was unlucky with the job, because the bureaucratic system requires a diploma. By self-development, gained driving skills and to develop in this specialty, began to look for where to buy a diploma that get the job done. I did not collect stars from the sky, I had enough secondary special education. Friends advised which company to contact, so as not to run into scammers. After receiving the document, I continued to improve my skills.