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EVE Online: Crucible: Friv Overview

Having painted the greatness of EVE Online last spring , without any hesitation, I completed the opus with an optimistic passage about a brighter future on the foundation of the Incarna supplement with its animated avatars of star captains, walks in the stations and happiness for everyone who wants to be human beings, not steamers. How wrong I was!

Otmazy for the sake of note that I'm not guilty. For sincerely believed in the mind, honor and conscience of the SSR . The company accustomed to its own infallibility and infallibility, non-stop forward movement throughout all seven (at that time) years of the friv game’s life. But then laurels to rest on them. I don’t know what about honor and conscience, but Icelanders wisely got a shortage. From gluttony success, not otherwise.

The very idea of ​​"stray avatars", however, easily pulled to "excellent" - who would refuse to go to the virtual bar in between flights, roll up a virtual beer and chat with virtual colleagues. But in the Incarna that released the SSR in June , one possibility was realized from this epic idea - to go. On the tiny balcony of a small cabin. To admire the ship standing in the dock.

At the same time, the scale of the starships significantly differed from their actual sizes set by the developers themselves. Therefore, for example, a ship of the battleship class - a colossus of a kilometer long - in the dock resembled a futuristic yacht for exploring the Istra Reservoir. It is clear that to render a kilometer fool no rendering is enough, but why then show?

There was nothing more from the game features in Incarna . Unless, of course, not considered the "last gameplay word" shop "for real." Where, after exchanging freely convertible Tugriks for a special game currency, Aurum, you could buy some kind of clothes. The assortment wasn’t particularly spoiled, and it was crowned by a monocle for seventy American dollars that had already become a household name in the game.

To say that the population of Eve was upset would be wrong - it felt humiliated and insulted. A store with monocle finally finished off the patience of the people. Not only that, the dream to play not only in the boats, but also in people was smashed to smithereens, so the boats were not given anything new. And gameplay problems requiring urgent solutions have accumulated fairly. The developers, however, did not care about that.

The reaction followed immediately - someone threw buchos on the forums, someone wrote petitions, someone collected signatures ... And many simply "voted in rubles." And the beautiful dynamics of the growth in the number of subscribers immediately became numb and round - the traditional surge of interest in the friv game after the release of the add-on was not observed. And almost the opposite was observed.

After that, the Soviet Socialist Republic still penetrated. In October, the company's CEO, Hilmar Petursson, issued a penitential letter, calling himself the main and only responsible for the disgrace that happened and promised to continue to do so no longer and always and everywhere to listen to the popular voice ... And he promised a winter addition, which should It was if you did not completely atone for the sins of the developers, then greatly reduced their number.

What is characteristic, the promise to reduce belonged specifically to sins, but for some reason they started with the developers. A couple of weeks after the letter of command, the SSR staff was noticeably reduced. And although the main blow fell on the World of Darkness team, went to the developers of EVE Online . But outside observers were assured that the rest would work both for themselves and for “those guys”. What no one doubted - in the conditions of an unstable economy, nobody wants a labor exchange.

And then the first stories about the coming happiness began to appear - and the people held their breath. Because the Soviet Socialist Republic actually took up the mind as it only knows how, having begun to justify hopes and aspirations. There were new ships, and a rebalance of super-capital ships, and reinforcement of dreadnought, and new modules, and another tricky strategy of the final victory over the "lags", and just corrections and improvements, the need for which have been aching since time immemorial.

Not every enemy, however, will be scared, because according to the strict laws of "Eva" no joy is given in vain - they are always supposed to be burdened with the burden. The more severe, the more joy. For powerful guns, ships had to pay survivability. Their armor turned out to be thin, and their shields were weak, and as a result they turned out to be welterweights with a heavyweights strike. But still original and interesting platforms.

What the people still liked about them was their “worker-peasant origin”. Last year SSRheld two competitions of amateur designers. The winners of which were promised the use of their work in the project. Players took a direct part in determining the winners. And so it turned out that the models of all four new ships are from there. Who will not be satisfied with what he himself voted for?

Returning a credit of trust The second most important decision of the developers in Crucible was the rebalancing of "supercapital". Supercapital ships in Eve include the “mother ships” (sort of supercarriers) and the titans. Their power is enormous, their armor and shields are thick, and various pleasant properties like immunity to electronic warfare equipment are still attached to this.

Of course, so much is not going for it, but for money. Very decent money, even if you convert them into dollars or rubles. This was once the basis for calculation. But there have been more and more players in EVE Online since then, alliances have grown, their financial capabilities have also grown, and prices have fallen. Now the account for "supercapital" is not even in the tens, but in the hundreds, and it is very difficult to deal with so many of them.

True to its principles to prevent excessive “imbalance,” the SSR listened to the complaints of those who had few “supercapital”, those who had a lot of “supercapital,” and cut the giants' hands. Or rather, fingers. To subtle work, or the destruction of support ships, was not their status. And a trifle (relative, of course - I already wrote above about the size of battleships, but against the backdrop of the titans they are still boobies), fenced off from unpunished shooting by “supercapital”, it’s capable of something.

Other changes are also enough. It became more convenient to work with "POS" ("Player Owned Structure" - space buildings, but not stations; they are the basis of the game’s economy); space has become a little more like space and a little less - like the impressionist paintings; the interface has been improved many times over (not all, however, they have noticed countless times); the hybrid guns (railguns and blasters) were modernized, and the super-popular pirate frigate Dramiel weakened ... But the heavy cruiser Drake (which was not even super-popular, but in general) was not touched again, so no one brought anyone to the barricades.

In a word, the friv game was shaken seriously, but mostly on the case. Why Crucible partially returned to the developers the credit they had lost. Those, inspired by the warm welcome of their labors, promised not to stop on what had already been achieved and not to suffer garbage anymore. Although the ill-fated Incarna still finish. But in parallel, and not instead. In EVE Online, peace reigned again, without calls for rebellion and revolution. And there is hope that the following additions (and they are going to release them a couple of pieces a year) will only strengthen the world between the "tops" and the "bottom". That the game will benefit solely.

Pros: the addition returned Eve to its previous right course.
Cons: wait six months for the next supplement.

Playing online games is a tool for development of memory, reasoning, logic, speed and other friv games important skills.