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Ryan Murphy's Feud: Old Women Have No Number 1 Place

How the Golden Age Hollywood TV Series Still Raises Topical Issues of Eugism and Misogyny

The FX channel recently released the Feud series from the creator of American Horror Story and Choristers, Ryan Murphy. The plot was based on the confrontation of Hollywood legends Betty Davis and Joan Crawford during the filming of the thriller "What happened to the baby Jane?" In 1962. Although Ryan Murphy loves to emphasize his love of Hollywood "Golden Age", "Feud" was not an ode to a dream factory, but a bitter conviction.

If the list of works by Ryan Murphy seems to you a strange set of shows on various topics (among others - school choirs, plastic surgeons, horrors and historical crimes), then it should be borne in mind that he began his career not from entertainment television, but from journalism. Murphy's series, first of all, is aimed at the study of relevant social phenomena and cultural codes. For example, "Parts of the Body" is not only a black comedy about plastic surgeons, but also a criticism of the inherent culture of Americanism in lucism.

In the American Horror Story Anthology, Murphy seems to have analyzed everything that is scary and embarrassing, and the American Crime Story he produced is a detailed reconstruction of high-profile court cases in American history. "Feud" is an anthology of human passions, each season of which will talk about a loud historical conflict of interests. It is already known, for example, that the plot of the second season will be based on the dramatic history of the relationship between Prince Charles and Diana Spencer.

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Mutual antipathy Betty Davis and Joan Crawford - a story that has already become part of Hollywood mythology. Both actresses were stars, periodically competed for the same roles (and sometimes men) and did not particularly hide tensions. But the culmination of the struggle was just the shooting of the film "What happened to the baby Jane?". The realization that they are at the end of their career paths, and may simply not be the next role or nomination, has turned a passive dislike of women into a dramatic confrontation. In the Murphy series, the roles of irreconcilable enemies are played by modern legends Sarandon and Jessica Lang.

The basis of the film “What happened to the baby Jane?” Was the eponymous boulevard novel about two sister actresses who for many years persistently scoffed at each other. Little Jane as a child was a silent movie star, subsequently Blanche took all the attention. Now both women, forgotten and unnecessary, live in a terrible house and mentally terrorize each other. Blanche was in a wheelchair as a result of the accident that her sister caused, and now Jane is forced to look after the hated cripple. The film adaptation turned out in a timely manner and managed to catch two sharp trends - the demand for horror (provoked by the release of Psycho by Hitchcock) and public interest in the "dark side" of Hollywood. Shortly before, Sunset Boulevard was released with Gloria Swanson, who demonstrated the side effects of fame and recognition, but it was Little Jane who first showed star life as a real nightmare. essaypalace.com buy law essay uk