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Online Speed: Layla: Friv Game Overview

In 2009, “Speed ​​Online” was rolled out onto the expanses of the Russian Internet . There were many disputes about multiplayer races then - in particular, and whether they have a future. And now, after a year, we can say for sure: there is a future, and it’s quite bright. Now users are not sitting (or idle, since we are talking about cars?) In the virtual garage for hours in the hope that they will be able to get at least two or three people for the race, but they can be sure that the next race will please them with the number of worthy opponents. The creators of “Speed ​​Online” did not come up with a “high-tech” name for the long-awaited add-on, or somehow connected it with changes in the game — the addition was called the sonorous female name “Leila”. Play online games at the best friv games this website.

Well, or not the world, but a piece of the world. Even a piece, I would say, but what! Leyla makes a number of changes, but the most ambitious and noticeable of them is the appearance of a real city around a garage so familiar to us. Now you can enjoy the views of skyscrapers or ride along the quiet streets - at the same time everyone will be satisfied: few people will not like the landscape. Of course, it was not without drawbacks, because the feeling that you are cutting along city roads is slightly dulled due to the lack of pedestrians and the general blurring of nearby objects. However, if you imagine what “speedy” “Layla ” will become with the appearance of constantly moving people and a detailed drawing of the environment, then easily forgive this “Speed ​​Online” .

At first, you will probably be confused in the new territory, but gradually you will recognize the city as the back of your hand, especially if you use the new opportunities to the full. Nevertheless, the developers did not rely on the patience of the players and provided each car with something like a GPS navigator: as soon as you mark any point on the minimap, the most convenient route will be laid there, and a big green arrow will appear above your car indicating the right direction movement. However, at high speeds it sometimes starts to “storm”, so if it suddenly shows in the opposite direction, do not rush to turn around.

The appearance of an open territory made it possible to make a number of notable changes in the gameplay. Now getting game currency (or even a variety of lotions to your car) is possible not only through participation in races. In Leilaan opportunity to assemble a puzzle, which consists of 25 parts. Just don’t think that the developers decided to attract puzzle lovers in this way: to assemble a puzzle, you will have to travel around the city for a long time in search of treasured pieces (your navigator will show the direction to them) that can bring you all sorts of bonuses, useful as in a race or battle , and on a regular trip (in addition, you can get different cars - depending on the mode selected). Thus, you really have to smash your head only when it comes to choosing a box with a surprise.

A new way to “cut down” some money is to talk a taxi driver. Yes, yes, you will have to travel around the city and pick up voting people. And do not forget about the navigator: it will show where the person wants to get. To start a “career” you need to buy a special “taxi sign” - it is sold directly in a taxi fleet. In general, this work can bring good income if there is not enough money to upgrade without which you can not win the race. The amount of funds received depends on the distance to the desired point and on your experience - the more passengers delivered, the higher your premium. The only problem is this: just to recoup the "checkers" for the car, you will have to make about 80 trips, and at a certain point it starts to bother.

Another way to make money and experience is through a new regime called Duel. From the name, and so everything is clear, but let's look at it more closely. Thanks to changes in the interface "Speed ​​Online"it became possible to choose any of the opponents and invite him to the contest. Unlike racing modes, you will not be transferred to the track, all the action takes place right in the city. Street racers need to get to a certain point, and whoever does this faster is the one in the ladies. Of course, the outcome here is affected not only by the quality of your car and the difference in levels, but also by the knowledge of the area. The green arrow of a GPS navigator is very good, but a sudden turn, which you don’t remember, can easily provide the enemy with a victory. The “Duel” made the competitions even more dynamic, allowing them to fully enjoy even those who have almost no time for computer games.

In addition to the appearance of such ways of earning game currency, the principle of issuing money when winning a race has changed. Now it’s not just the place and experience that matters. With the release of Leilathe amount began to depend on three components. Firstly, from your place based on the results of the race, which is quite logical. Secondly, on how often you race. If you want to get a lot - wind up circles on the highway! And thirdly, from the "coolness" of the car. If earlier this indirectly affected the number of PP (a high place is provided not only by driving skills, but also by the quality of the iron horse), now there is a direct correlation. So be patient, gradually improve your "filly" - and you will be happy. And for those who do not like to wait, there is still the opportunity to pump the car in a quick manner, that is, investing real money in its development.

Often, gamers spend online several hours a day, so it is not surprising that most of them have many friends and acquaintances directly in the game. In the original "Speed ​​Online"I had to sweat in order to coordinate and get into the same race with friends. The developers took this moment into account and made a number of changes to a seemingly insignificant thing like chat. From now on, you can add anyone to your friends list, which will allow you to see when a person is behind the wheel, and invite him to compete. It is worth noting that if he accepts the invitation, he will automatically be transferred to the room you created, from where he can also invite his friends. As a result, it can turn out as a serious struggle between highly qualified carriers who want to practice, as well as friendly pokatushki full of fun.

Finally, to summarize, we can say that "Leila"opens up many new perspectives for users. The amendments made to the gameplay make the game even more convenient. What is the change in the activation of items during the race. If earlier it was sometimes problematic to use quick repair or acceleration, now the trunk has been divided into two parts: a number of cells is designed for passive items that constantly give you various bonuses, and up to eight cells (depending on the type of car) for items that activate can be done by pressing F1-F8.

Many complained that in the original Speedit’s hard to make money for an upgrade, and there are only patient racers or people who are ready to invest in pumping the car “real”. This problem was resolved by introducing a new system for earning in-game currency and a taxi mode, so now we can safely say that in a short time the Speed ​​Online servers will be filled with new users. So if you liked all of the above, then do not slow down - go ahead, onto the track!