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The Death of "Gogo Runner" # 002

At 11.20 pm our ship approached the tanker and began to maneuver to cover its boat dt waves. The rays of the ship's searchlight snatched two superstructures from the pitch darkness and the hull of a low-sitting tanker drifting under the influence of a 6-7-point wind.

The crew of a closed motorboat, lowered from the leeward side, headed by V. Trusov. Rolling over three-meter waves, she walked toward the tanker in the light beam of the searchlights of our motor ship. On the deck of the perishing vessel, sailors crowded in rescue breastplates and with personal belongings in their hands. The moored boat then climbed on a wave almost flush with the deck of a tanker with a trim aft, then rapidly fell down to the foot of the next wave, striking the fenders lowered overboard.

Seizing the moment. Trusov seized the strap-strap bow and after a moment he was on the deck of the tanker, picked up by the sailors' hands. In the same way, Dr. Verdikov also moved to the tanker. Accompanied by a senior officer, lighting the way for the flashlight, they went to the superstructure.

While Trusov was discussing with the tanker captain Neil Barrovs the procedure for the evacuation of seamen to our ship, the doctor with the second officer reached the cabin of the senior mechanic Josip Krnik. According to Alexander Djordzhevik, the second mechanic of the tanker, three months before this event, the star-man had a heat stroke.

On the transition from Brazil to the southern tip of Africa, he had to spend a lot of time in the engine room, as the steam boiler of a 26-year-old turbo-drive often failed. It happened 24 hours later, two stood, welding the dilapidated tubes of the boiler. In Cape Town, they were slightly re-mounted, but soon it all started over again. And the last five days had to continuously pump out the water entering the engine room in ever-increasing volume.

They did not manage to establish the reason and place of the water supply. When the electric generators were flooded and the tanker de-energized, the captain Barrovs decided to give a distress signal. Ship mechanics insisted that he accept the assistance of seamen of a Soviet ship that has a ship doctor on board. There was no doctor on the West German vessel. By this time another patient appeared on the tanker - a Filipino sailor had an epileptic seizure.

In the light of two electric torches, Vladimir Anatolyevich examined the laughter and, after making him an injection, engaged the sailor. But he already did not need emergency medical care: he felt better.

Finding out the situation. Pants over the radio contacted Captain Mitenev and said that the ship was kept afloat, first aid was given to the sick, the crew of the tanker was ready to evacuate. Having received “goodness” from Mitenev, Trusov and Barrovs descended to the main deck. When the patients were led to the place of landing in the boat, there was already a reception of people. No one used the Stormtrap for fear of being hit by a boat dancing on the waves. Having chosen the moment when its rounded roof, thrown by a wave, reached the top point, the sailors took turns jumping down. Insured by the third assistant captain E. Melnikov and the senior electrician V. Karmazin, they moved inside the boat through the open hatches. Sailors who were timid with this method of landing, with the coarse help of the decisive third tanker mechanic Nenad Zizik, at the right moment found themselves on the roof of the boat and fell into the strong hands of Soviet sailors. Simultaneously with the evacuation of people, suitcases, bags, and knots were transferred to the bow and stern hatches of the boat at the ends. 25 https://photosfortag.com/htag/godofwar