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Intimate cosmetics. Everything you need to know about her

Intimate cosmetics plays an important role in the health of every woman. Today, the stores simply replete with a variety of means of intimate hygiene.

However, not all of them meet the necessary quality standards.

The main purpose of the means for intimate hygiene - cleansing and toning intimate areas. Gynecologists are strongly advised to use such tools to maintain health. But doctors do not recommend using ordinary soap. It, according to experts, kills lactobacilli and destroys healthy microflora, which in turn contributes to the development of bacteria. As a consequence - the risk of thrush, vaginitis and dysbiosis.

The level of acidity of the vagina is determined by the number 3.3, and for the skin, this figure is 5.5. This level of acidity given by nature itself favors the penetration of spermatozoa into the egg cell and kills harmful bacteria. Therefore, for the care of the genital organs, women need softer, one can even say sparing means.

Foams, gels and soaps specially designed for this purpose have a neutral level of acidity, they contain antiseptic additives, lactic acid, herbal extracts, some of which also have antifungal properties. Especially important is the use of special tools before and after visits to open water.

In addition to liquid products, there are special wet wipes. They are impregnated with a solution of antiseptics that kill bacteria, and various plant components that have soothing and calming properties.

Rules for choosing intimate cosmetics

• Means for intimate hygiene should be soft homogeneous consistency and should not violate the natural level of acidity (read the labels carefully);

• Study supplements (herbal extracts, flavors, etc.), as you may be allergic to any of the ingredients.

• Try not to purchase funds marked “kills all bacteria” - the beneficial microflora dies along with the bacteria.

• Purchase funds exclusively from pharmacies and trusted manufacturers. In this important matter can not rely only on advertising. And even better - consult with a professional: an experienced doctor will always give you useful and, most importantly, competent advice. Especially since he knows about your personal problems, which is also important. prix du Viagra en pharmacie https://www.kamelef.mobi/viagra-faq.html acheter Viagra en ligne