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How can you fix plate heaters: basic methods

When conducting thermal insulation measures, different heaters are used. In particular, plate-type materials are widely used. Their popularity is explained by the fact that such products are very easy to handle. You can easily mount them on a rough surface. And by different methods. The following describes the basic methods of fixing such heat-insulating materials.

1. Sticking plate heaters

It seems that the easiest way to fix the insulation is to stick it. Indeed, in this case, it is sufficient to use only the adhesive composition. But this method has serious limitations.

First, you need to responsibly prepare a rough surface. It must be cleaned of old materials and carefully leveled. Secondly, not all heaters can be planted on the glue. For example, mineral and glass wool do not fit on glue. This option can be resorted to using only foam or extruded polystyrene foam.

2. Fastening of plate heaters on self-tapping screws and dowels

The next method involves the use of metal fasteners. This is a more practical option, since it allows you to save the usable area of ​​the room, but provides reliable installation of almost any stove insulation.

You just need to remember that ordinary dowels are inappropriate here. You need to use fasteners that have a wide hat. Another problem - when using a large number of fasteners, you can seriously damage the wall. And, when the next repair will be carried out, you will have to make a lot of efforts to eliminate the remaining defects.

3. Laying insulation on the crate

Mounting on a crate or frame is considered a universal option, which is appropriate in almost all cases. If you pre-install the frame structure, you can smooth out the most severe bumps present on the walls. There are also great opportunities for further finishing, since it will be possible to install cladding panels on the frame or first fix the rough skin using drywall. Two problems: the frame will take part of the usable area of ​​the room, and also require a lot of labor from the employee.

Each presented method has its advantages and problems. Therefore, the choice of a particular one is to objectively evaluate their capabilities. And then it will be possible to dwell on the most suitable. Play Pin Up Casino online. Videoslots, pin-up girls in real games.