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Face skin and beauty

Well-groomed appearance - beautiful, fashionable. Such women attract attention. Healthy skin, every woman's dream. To prevent rapid skin aging, you need to pay time and attention to cosmetic procedures in accordance with your age.
The face, the most exposed and unprotected part of the body. It is subject to cold, heat, all environmental influences.
For a good skin condition, you need a systematic approach, daily and correct.
Since a woman, for various reasons, can not always consult a cosmetologist, face care is always available at home.
You need to wash your face in the morning with the use of foam or gel and after two hours put a napkin on your face. If the spots do not appear, the skin is dry, the spots on the forehead, cheeks and chin are oily, the spots are mild - normal, the spots on the forehead, near the nose and chin are mixed.
• Cleansing: because a lot of dust settles on the skin during the day, grease and dust mix, plus cosmetics applied in the morning. The pores are clogged and inflammation can occur. The skin is cleansed with special lotions, milk, micellar water. For masks cosmetic clays are used no more than twice a week.
• Washing: it is better not to use soap. Use mineral, boiled or water with decoctions of herbs.
• Peeling: do no more than two per week. The scrub is selected individually, because the skin types are different. If the skin is problematic, inflamed, peeling is contraindicated.
• Hydration: lubricate the skin with special creams, focusing on skin type and age. Moisturizing masks do once or twice a week.
• Skin toning. They wipe their face with an ice cube made from herbs, this improves microcirculation. The skin will be more elastic.
• Nutrition: Nourishing night cream is applied to the skin and non-absorbed cream is removed with a napkin after 10 - 15 minutes. Many women prefer self-made masks: cucumber, honey, potatoes, aloe, egg yolks, sour cream.
The beauty industry is developing and offers many different cosmetics, various procedures that you need to choose for yourself.
Facial skin care must be made a habit. All cosmetics are applied only on massage lines. Cosmetic creams are applied with fingertips that glide smoothly along the surface of the skin.
In order for the skin of the face to be beautiful, young, care must be taken about the health of the whole organism. In the body, everything is interconnected. Good emotions, positive attitude, do you cope with stress. The result can always be seen on the face. Il existe de nombreuses officine pendant rayure qui vendent Levitra generique dans le encadrement en tenant à elles produit, alors ceci résultat orient qu'il existe un proposition importante malgré Levitra pendant trait.