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Vampire's Fall: Origins: Overview

RPG about vampires - you must admit, the very combination of these letters provides the game with at least close public attention. But success does not guarantee, as our current guest, Vampire's Fall: Origins confirm, that was presented by the company FRIV NEOM GAMES.

The main character of Vampire's Fall became a bloodsucker not of his own free will, but as a result of an attack on his warlock army village. However, he did not turn out to be the vampire we are used to seeing in such games, but turned into an ordinary hero of the average RPG - vowed to take revenge on Warlock and for this he runs errands for everyone, fights, pumps out, buys new equipment and performs a bunch of quests.

That is, the actual vampire theme in Vampire's Fall: Originsnot disclosed. But you can buy expensive spectacular wings and auras (they are also forms) that give different bonuses, as well as fill stylish Gothic tattoos. In addition, closer to the final, we are often attacked by vampire hunters who try to use special garlic against a ghoul. But it can be replaced by the usual, after which they will amusingly throw themselves at us during the battles. Finally, in fights they allow biting enemies, thus restoring health, as well as summon bats.

At the very beginning, you need to choose belonging to a particular clan of ghouls, but this does not affect anything except very small bonuses to the characteristics. They allow us to bite someone outside of battles almost once during the whole game - at the very beginning, when you need to choose whether to turn a medic from a native village into a bloodsucker at his request or not. And regardless of our choice, he becomes a vampire and our sworn enemy - even more sworn than the Warlock. That is, there really is no nonlinearity.

However, God be with them, with vampires. The game itself would be cool and interesting. And everything seems to be there for this - and a really big map, on which many settlements are scattered, and a lot of quests. Yes, almost all the quests from the series “Find, Kill, Bring”. But from time to time, riddles, investigations with the search for traitors, and the above-mentioned almost humorous exercises with garlic come across. And here we do not have a game from the Vampire: The Masquerade series , but an isometric RPG focused mainly on battles.

Turn-based battles are basically quite competent. Their participants stand opposite each other and use different tricks in their turn - we can not only attack, but also accumulate concentration to use magic, especially powerful tricks, impose useful auras on ourselves (improve defense, damage, evasion, and so on), and on enemies - harmful. They even allow combining combos from all this.

Finally, there is a completely detailed role-playing system - in three branches (strength, health, concentration) there are many skills that can be pumped. Plus, a separate item is pumping magical abilities. Also, bonuses to the characteristics, of course, give equipment - and there are many of them. Present and craft trading.

However, just a few unsuccessful decisions spoil the whole impression. First and foremost, the hero very quickly becomes almost invincible. Firstly, it is gaining levels with some cruising speed and pumped. It happens that literally in one or two battles they give several levels at once.

Secondly, in fights, the opponent’s bite, drinking his bleeding and restoring health to us, becomes an “imba” against which only the largest bosses have scrap. And those are basically not plot, but the so-called world ones. One of them has more than 6,000 health points, and the almost final plot Warlock has around 2,000. And there are world bosses on big holidays. And it’s not so difficult to defeat them with competent pumping.

In the main game, it quickly becomes banal boring - we are on the machine, yawning from boredom, we endure everyone in a row and just wait for it to end. Maybe there will be at least some challenge in the finals? And the developers, as luck would have it, prolong all this tyagomotin and force us to run back and forth in the area of ​​the same location - find out if the load arrived with weapons, come back, now run there and take the load. Was there an ambush? Come back for new orders. And so on.

At the same time, in the course of all these shuttle transfers back and forth, random fights are very often activated, which in the end just start to skip. In the end, I didn’t even throw away glasses on skills - and still the hero endured almost everyone. In this case, there is no choice. After the assassination of Warlock, the plot begins in a new region, and there even ordinary enemies become much thicker. However, this increases the duration, but not the excitement of the battles - they are still built around the accumulation of concentration for a bite. Yes, then finally worthy enemies will finally appear, closer to the 70th level of your hero, but before that you have to withstand all this monotonous "farm".

And also in Vampire's Fallfurious absolutely empty and stupid remarks of each of the many NPCs: "I came for carrots, but I leave with potatoes" or "I hate apples." Why was it wrong to make this graphomaniac delirium unclear. No less enraged are quests for a random search for certain enemies, when we are forced to wind circles at the point of assignment, waiting for when the desired enemy appears randomly.

We will also say that Vampire's Fall: Origins came to the PC from mobile devices, but neither the control nor the interface for computers was really remade - with all the consequences.

As a result, a potentially interesting vampire RPG has become a routine. Of course, one could make a discount on the fact that only three people did it - and for such a small team this is really a great game. But we will not do a discount - it happens that one person creates cool projects. Just in such cases, you need to act on the principle of "Better less, but better."

Pros: large area available for research; many quests; interesting role-playing system; nice picture.

Cons: the authors so plainly did not disclose vampire themes; a strong imbalance in the battles and role system, which makes the hero almost invincible, and the game itself becomes boring; management and interface are not really optimized for PC.