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Lemongrass - what is it and how to use it?

Lemongrass is an amazing natural phenomenon. Based on the name, it is not difficult to guess that this is a grass that has the smell of lemon. For a long time, Lemongrass is very widely known in Asian countries for its healing properties. This is an integral part of the culinary traditions of Asia.

Lemongrass is a spicy herb native to the tropics, with a sweet lemon scent and a bit spicy to the taste. In the kitchen of Thailand, it is especially popular. Lemongrass is added to food as a whole or cut peeled stalks into slices. You can buy lemongrass in fresh and dried form, as well as in powdered form. In addition to adding to food, it can be brewed as tea. Play best Y8 Games at the website.

The stalk of this grass reaches a length of 20 centimeters and slightly resembles a leek. Lemongrass is a tall grass from a perennial squad that includes more than forty-five varieties. They grow in Asia, Africa and Australia, where there is a tropical and subtropical climate. The largest supplier of this herb is India, where 80% of the crop is harvested.

The stalk of a lemongrass consists of several layers similar to corn leaves. The upper layers hide the white stem, which is difficult to cut.

The plant is also known as cymbopogon, lemongrass, lemongrass, lemongrass, citronella, and chellebeard.

Lemongrass in dried and fresh form at any time can be purchased at the online store or grow it at home by yourself.

To choose the right spice, you need to know some important things:
- you need to buy only hard stems, soft do not have the desired taste.
- The stem should have a pale yellow lower part and a green upper one.
- Do not buy a plant with brown outer leaves.

When fresh, the stems of the plant will not spoil in the fridge for two weeks. They need to be washed, dried, put in a bag and kept away from food.

In frozen form, it can be kept for several months, while the aroma and properties will remain.

Stalks including can be stored in the cut and dried look in tight containers. Dried lemongrass stored up to six months.

This herb is enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It has the following therapeutic effect on the body:
- serves as an antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal agent.
- works as a stimulator of the immune system.
- cleans the body and fights toxins.
- improves digestion.
- reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
- enhances the functioning of the intestines.
- has a mild sedative effect.