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The Wolf Among Us: Overview Kizi Game

Snow White works as a secretary, and Donkey Skin is forced to trade on the panel. The woodcutter saved Red Riding Hood with her grandmother by accident: in fact, he was just about to rob an old woman living in the middle of the forest, and the situation with the Gray Wolf suddenly made the hapless robber a hero. Nif-Nif (by the way, maybe Naf-Naf - who will sort them out?) Smokes, drinks whiskey and dreams of registering in New York, from where he is constantly expelled to Farm - the place of reference of fairy-tale characters who have not saved up for “glamor”. Try to play on the best portal of online kizi games http://www.kizi2games.net today and you will see that the entertainment industry is developing at a tremendous pace.

If all this seems crazy to you, then your life has no comics called Fables by Bill Willingham . And in the life of the developers of Telltale Games, these comics happened. And so the idea of ​​a new game was born - The Wolf Among Us .

Lord of Telltale , as usual, divided the next game project into episodes, the number of which is five. The first episode, Faith, was recently released ... I just want to say "in rent", because, despite the declared affiliation with the adventure genre, in fact, the developers have released an interactive film, or comic. Before us unfolds not so much the gameplay, as one continuous story. But what!

The place of action is New York, where fairy tale characters have found shelter in one of the districts - everything in a row. Beauty and the Beast pretend that they are the perfect married couple, Mr. Toad and his little son barely make ends meet. The lumberjack who saved that very Little Red Riding Hood drinks like a horse and curses like a cab driver, and Bigby Wolf - an evil and terrible gray wolf who once managed to kill little girls and stupid piglets - works in a local madhouse as a sheriff.

The sheriff, in particular, has to make sure that none of the inhabitants of this wonderful town shows up to mere mortals. Bigby himself is good: Wolfe is a werewolf, not a wolf in the philistine sense of the word, so most of the time he looks like a human. But poor Mr. Toad was unlucky. Even a very drunk passer will not confuse him with homo sapiens. Therefore, an amphibian and other fabulous creatures who are not lucky with a human appearance are forced to buy expensive camouflage charms called “glamor”.

Problems find Wolfe when he once again goes to deal with Mr. Toad, who, as always, has no money for an anthropomorphic appearance. The sheriff hears the quarrel from the apartment where Toad's neighbor lives - Lumberjack. Behind the door there is a pretty girl with a large fingal under the eye and, in fact, the landlord, who clearly intended to "decorate" and the other eye of the interlocutor too. Bigby enters into a fight - and, by the way, is completely naturally at risk for life: this scene can easily end with the death of the main character. The rescued beauty thanks the incredibly brutal intercessor, but - that's bad luck - the very next day turns out to be a victim of a mysterious maniac.

The plot of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us turns so sharply and in an adult way one way or the other, that at some point we forget about the fairytale origin of the characters. Generally, in this story there is anything, but only not lisping "childish" tone. We are dealing with a dashing noir style detective. There are bloody fights, and chases, and an ax stuck into the skull, and severed female heads, brazenly thrown on the steps of the police station. All this is served with a weary and gloomy intonation, and only a small fraction of the most subtle irony reminds us that the authors of the project are the very cheerful people from Telltale who gave us the Sam & Max series.. When the former piglet who escaped from the Farm (and now the hardened boar Colin) thinks out loud about the meaning of life and asks Bigby to share a drink with him, we understand that we are somehow very seriously feeling the hopeless longing of the existence of both these unfortunate creatures.

The Wolf Among UsMany players know Telltale Games as a studio that gave a second life to a series of games about Sam and the rabbit Max. Some people probably remember Back to the Future: The Game or Wallace & Gromit . All these adventures can be called humorous in one way or another. However, you shouldn’t think that Telltale only now took on the noir: in addition to the dark series The Walking Dead , released last year, the developers had very high quality CSI detectives , worked seriously, without a hint of clownness.

However, the longing, and the gameplay in The Wolf Among Us almost does not smell. There are no riddles here, puzzles - all the more, the collection of few items seems to be absolutely useless, because never throughout the first episode we had to solve the usual problems of using collected things. Basically, our hero only walks, inspects, gathers evidence that lies in prominent places, conducts dialogues and makes difficult moral choices. Or amoral - as we decide.

The fact is that all actions of the protagonist affect the further development of the scenario. In a number of cases, we can feel the consequences of the decision made literally after a few minutes. So, if two suspects are running in different directions, it is quite obvious that Bigby will be able to catch only one of them. And we have to determine who exactly is pursuing Wolfe. The second potential criminal will run away, the moment will be irretrievably missed, so our mistake can cost us dearly.

A similar situation unfolds when Mr. Toad calls in a panic to the sheriff and begs for an urgent visit, because something very dangerous is happening in the apartment near the amphibian. The problem is that just at the same time, Bigby must immediately go to the house of the spouse of one of the victims. Yes, yes, we have to choose again. And sitting on two chairs will not work: either in the dwelling of Toad, or in the apartment of Prince Lawrence, we will be later than it should be.

An attentive reader may rightly note that this is not about a moral dilemma, but simply about the usual choice of two equal options. So, let the reader not worry: the hero also has everything in order with the torments of conscience. In the course of almost every dialogue, every interrogation or fight, Bigby Wolfe can behave “as a person” and “as a disgraceful wolf”. To hit the interrogated person in order to unleash his tongue, or to act exclusively by civilized methods? Leave the beaten enemy alone or tear off his hand, much to the dismay of all the random - and not-so-good witnesses? Finally, treat a annoying pig with a drink or drink your drink right before her eyes, frankly scoffing? Any of our NPC decisions will be remembered. True, in the framework of the short first episode alone it is difficult to understand how these “remembered” actions will affect further events. By the way, it's not always profitable and right to be a good guy. You can, for example, give the last savings to a character who is literally killed in the very next scene. And what, I ask, was the point to shell out? A good attitude of a corpse can do little to help a living person, even if that person is a wolf.

There are no riddles, the clues themselves fall into the hands, the locations are tiny, there is nothing to explore. It turns out that the whole essence of the gameplay comes down to variability in the dialogues and the adoption of some global decisions?

Nearly. We are also forced from time to time to press different buttons in active action scenes dedicated to fights and chases. Suppose when an adversary throws an ax at our character, we must press, say, A to dodge. If the enemy starts to strangle Bigby, you need to put a strong emphasis on Q. These castrated action elements do not present any difficulty for the player and claim to enhance the dynamics of the plot and the general atmosphere than the role of "heavy artillery" gameplay.

In general, with atmospheric Telltaleeverything is more than fine. The spirit of the original cartoon series carefully preserved and complemented by a successful soundtrack. The heroes are bright, each with their cockroaches and does not raise a question in the spirit of “how can you take Snow White seriously?”. Bigby Wolfe himself is simply beautiful in his truly inhuman brutality. In this review, has something already sounded about his masculinity and impressiveness? Anything, repetition in such a question is never superfluous.