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About the dangers of abortion in general

A number of women and girls lead a rash and erratic lifestyle because of their inexperience or disappointment. What most often leads to unwanted pregnancy. After that, a woman or a young lady begins to think about what methods are best to get rid of the child born in her, that is, about abortion. There are two types of methods of abortion: medical and independent abortion by folk methods.

Across Russia, there are about three hundred only registered abortions. And how many women make their own methods, such interruptions happen about two hundred, and even more. In total, the number of abortions in Russia is more than five hundred.

Medical, as well as independent abortion, by national methods, which women and girls make, threatens with sterility. Sometimes the female gender does not even think that having an abortion once may lose the opportunity to become a mother forever. Although in our time, infertility is being treated, but this is not an indication that the treatment will be successful. Most women who have had an abortion at least once have not been able to recover from infertility. They forever lost the opportunity to become a mother.

Independent abortion by folk methods is even more dangerous than abortion in a medical way. Independent abortion threatens not only infertility, but also serious inflammatory processes of the sexual organ. Treatment of inflammatory processes may be delayed for a long period, since such inflammation may progress to a severe form. Further, an independent abortion can lead to poisoning, not only food, but also the poisoning of the whole organism. It may happen that an independent abortion can threaten a woman and the most terrible consequence that may be irreversible, instant death.

Lovely women, above all, to have an abortion, think carefully about it. After all, abortion bears the most serious consequences for the health of the female body. First of all, think about your health and about what a beautiful baby you can give to this world and to yourself. After all, by your own cruelty or rash decision, you can once and for all lose the opportunity to become a mother. Thereby, personally losing a loved one and a close person who will continue to be with you in joy and sorrow, who will never give you and will be a strong support for you. viagra et il dangereux https://www.bleuepil.com/viagra-sans-ordonnance.html viagra pharmacie sans ordonnance