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Online Poker Tournament Programs

To use the hand analyzer, you must learn to recognize the alleged hands of your rivals. It is enough to enter the alleged cards and you will find out the chances of the opponent to win. In addition, you can enter general board cards, then the picture of the result of the distribution will look even more real. Please note that this program only works in Texas Hold'em. The program will help players of the CIS tournaments in Hold'em to feel more comfortable at the gaming table.
An equally interesting program for poker players is PokerOffice. With this program you can store all statistics of tournaments played in one place, while played hands will be detailed. For all players who intend to seriously engage in poker, this program will be a good helper. Very convenient and fairly easy to use, this program will help you conduct a detailed analysis of your entire game at the poker tables. Also, with the help of this program you can calculate your income and expenses. For a novice player who is not very familiar with bankroll management, this program will provide an invaluable service. Pay attention to the offers of such programs, do not use free versions - the program has an affordable price, and you do not risk being trapped in scammers.
Fans of CIS tournaments need to pay attention to the program - SNG Analyzer. It is no secret that even an experienced player has situations when it is very difficult to make a certain decision. Since in each hand we encounter unique and unique situations, this program will be simply necessary. CIS tournaments are characterized by the fact that the blinds are constantly increasing. Tight style is suitable only in the early stages, and then we have to act. SNG Analyzer will help you keep your stack - you can simply analyze the intended action and this will help you in the future. The principle of this program is quite simple - you can analyze this situation at the table. Just download the history of your played hands, the program will calculate the mathematical expectation. Pay attention to the results proposed by the program and you can easily bypass certain errors.
The program is also paid, but it is no secret that you will have to spend some money to earn money on the Internet. In the future, when you can earn poker, you will understand that this assistant is priceless. Many players cannot imagine their game without SnG Tracker. This program analyzes the entire game. Download the hand history, after which the program will calculate not only the number of CIS tournaments played, the size of entrance fees and rake paid, but also the statistics of all the places you have taken. This program is provided in Excel format, so problems with its use will not arise even for novice computer users. This program is one of the most useful, since real poker professionals who know a lot about CIS tournaments took part in its creation.
With this program you can find out your income from each tournament played, and you will also know your exact income within one hour. You will find out the exact percentage of cash prizes you receive, as well as the full statistics of the game. Unlike other programs, SnG Tracker is completely free. Therefore, only the lazy will not use it. For players who want to improve their game level, this program will help in almost any difficult situation. All poker players, increasing their game level, want to achieve great results. In this case, the MTH program will be most useful.
MultiTableHelper. This program is for those players who participate in several tournaments at the same time. This program was created for more advanced players, however, it will be equally useful for beginners. The unique difference of this program from others is voice control. comicsl.org