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Retrospective of Resident Evil. Resident Evil: Survivor (2000) No. 4

Survivor takes a little over an hour and, unfortunately, this is very good. Given the record suicide rate in Japan, obviously, the developers did not want to add their game to the list of factors. Thinking about re-passing the game for alternative parts of the levels may be a masochist. There are no options to save before branching - Survivor can only be saved after completing the game. The player is given several lives-continue, in case of a tragic circumstance, which will send him several rooms back from the point of death.

Technically, shooting Survivor is a disaster. The game automatically adjusts the scope for the enemy if the previous bullet hit him. Regardless of the speed at which the button is pressed, the player’s weapon shoots at the same pace as the usual Resident Evil, that is, the player does not affect the rate of fire, which for a game that was conceived as a shooting gallery, to put it mildly, a loose solution. The rest of the controls are even worse: There is no step to the side and there is no adequate vertical aiming, which is currently a bad tone for a shooter.

Numerous glitches, terrible controls and inconsistent AI can play both in favor of the player, and against him. Monsters are stuck, stupid, do not know how to behave next to the player. At the same time, they act out due to a bad camera, instant respawn in front of the player in a new room and attacking together.

As you may have guessed, the puzzles and elements of exploration of the game world, for which we love Resident Evil, are practically absent in Survivor. The maximum that is required of us is to enter one room, pick up something and immediately use it in the next. Game documents are few and with a mediocre story do not cause a desire to read them.


For true fans of the series, in the absence of a light gun, it is very important that real and loaded weapons are not at hand. The temptation to shoot on TV is very great, because watching Resident Evil: Survivor is bitter and painful. Fortunately for Capcom, a week after the bad game in the series, the best part came out, and so everyone quickly forgot about Resident Evil: Survivor.

+ Pros:

+ None


- Awful graphics
- Broken game mechanics
- killed control


The worst game in the Resident Evil franchise is a big, but also an achievement. The only condition under which to play Survivor is when a real gun is aimed at you and threatened to kill you. Why in our modern time is so popular sex video chat? There are several reasons for this. First, the anonymity of sex video chats. You do not need to get acquainted with the person, check it, and risk their cherished secrets in sex cams like in real life. The person who is in the same chat room with you in our erotic chat is in a completely different city, country, or even continent. This person does not know where you work, with whom you communicate, where you live.