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Revenge spell – Some great ways to take revenge on your ex

Revenge can be different. Some people do it in the spur of the moment while others, being unable to forgive, wait for years for the right time for revenge. Some people engage third parties and others just bear a grudge for their whole life without actually doing anything for being too scared to get in trouble because of it.

To find out how to forgive and move on and literally clear your mind of all negative thoughts, visit SpellsHelp.com offering some amazing tips to help manage all life’s problems. As for us, we would like to tell you how to take revenge on your ex who broke your heart or betrayed you. It is commonly known that most women find it very hard to forgive their ex-lovers for betraying or cheating on them and they definitely never forget it. Perhaps, this is the reason why a revenge spell for ex lover remains one of the top choices for women seeking revenge.

The methods to get revenge we are going to tell you about are as effective as magic and magic spells but let us not discuss magic today. To get revenge on your ex, we will need to turn to male psychology. As you know, men tend to believe they are the best, they are valued, and they are invincible. It does not matter what makes men think so, male hormones or their psychological specifics. What matters is that we are going to use this information to our advantage.

A great way to get revenge is to let your ex know you are dating someone else. It is quite easy to do if you use social media. Even if you are still single, do not worry. Ask one of your guy friends, the one your ex has never met, to help you. He will not have to do much. Just take a few pictures together, for example, at a restaurant, park or just hugging each other. If you want, take a picture in bed. Post these pictures on Facebook or Instagram and wait.

Seeing these pictures will be very painful for your ex. It will hurt his ego a lot letting him know he is not special. This is the way it is going to be. The fact that you found a new boyfriend so fast means you have never loved and valued him. What people are not valued? Those who do not deserve it. Thus, a few good pictures will be ego-destroying for your ex-boyfriend.

If it is not enough for you and you want to do something as bad as a revenge spell, take it a step further and let your ex know you were cheating on him with this your new boyfriend. It is up to you to decide how to let him know about it. For example, you can ask your girlfriends to help you or tell it to your ex in person when you see him.
Just remember that you can do it only if you know for sure you will not want to get your ex back one day. According to psychologists, about 30% of ex-lovers have a chance of getting back together. So always keep that in mind. But if your heart has been broken by your ex and you know for sure you will never make up with him, go ahead and burn all the bridges behind yourself targeting the most vulnerable thing in your ex-boyfriend – his ego.

Speaking of how you can let your ex-boyfriend know you are dating someone else, remember that some men actually do not care. They never think about their ex-girlfriends and could not care less about their personal life after the breakup. The thing that will not let him stay indifferent is learning that your new lover is better than he is.

Every person has their weak spots. For some it is their appearance, for others it is their career or the talents they never got to use. To get revenge on your ex, let him know your new boyfriend is better than he is and hit him where it hurts most, meaning let him know your new lover is better at what he has never been good at.

You know your ex-boyfriend better than we do anyway. So find his weak spot and hit it. This kind of revenge is as good as putting a revenge spell on a ex-lover.

Another good way to take revenge is to let your ex know you are pregnant with his baby, provided you broke up just a few weeks ago and not more than a couple of months ago. It would be strange calling your next a year after you broke up and telling him you are pregnant, would it not?

If you have mutual friends your ex-boyfriend’s career or even life can depend on, a good revenge method would be destroying his reputation. You can do it by telling these people about his weird sexual behavior or that he likes to gossip and speak badly of others. By the way, your mutual friends can come in handy as you can start dating one of them. According to psychologists, it is very hurtful for a man to find out that his ex started seeing one of his friends.

In conclusion, let us tell you about some more ways to get revenge which are as hurtful as revenge spells on a ex lover but a little more extreme. For example, you can destroy whatever clothes you have left belonging to your ex-boyfriend as it is sure to make you feel better. You can write everything you think about your ex on his car with a marker pen.

If you have some naked pictures of your ex, post them on your social media account for everyone to see. If you have the keys from his place, go there when he is not around and do whatever you feel like doing to his furniture, plates, electronics, etc. Do not forget to clean the toilet with his toothbrush, too. It is difficult to say how it will make your boyfriend feel but you are sure to feel better after doing all that.