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Most important year

Unlike young animals, our children are born into the world almost defenseless. They learn to eat, move, respond to the outside world. The first year of life for them is full of trials and fascinating discoveries.
Get ready for the little explorer to cry all the time. It is not surprising - this is the only way to inform your parents about your problem. Over time, mothers begin to understand exactly how a baby is crying and what it means. “Cry” is distinguished by loudness, pitch and intonation.
Most often, the baby cries because of dysbiosis. The fact is that his muscles and nervous system are not yet fully developed, digestion is malfunctioning, gases can form that cause colic. The child can be helped. Doctors advise to turn the baby on the tummy shortly before feeding, to train the muscles, bathe in warm water, massage the body, iron the back in the crib, give special herbal infusions.
The second problem that many people face is an allergic reaction to the cream or food that mom consumes.
The third reason for crying and bad mood is teeth. This is often a long and painful process in which even the temperature sometimes rises. In this case, the child is recommended to give chew something chilled. This will help the vessels to narrow and make the process less painful.
Often a child cries when he wants to sleep or is cold. Touch, the baby should be warm, children have poorly developed thermoregulation. Try to hug him and shake him. If it’s fatigue, the baby will start falling asleep. Wet diapers also cause discomfort.
Babies get scared easily. Even a loud word or an unfamiliar sound can scare them. He will surely calm down when he hears the tender mother's voice and is in her hands.
Some children suffer from too much regurgitation. This problem can be caused by intestinal infections, sometimes leading to loss of fluid. In such cases, you need to alternate feeding and fluid intake. Do not water the baby immediately after feeding. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor immediately.
If a child has hiccups, parents should help him, namely, to cause a burp and give water. Kids hiccup often enough, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Young mothers are horrified by the appearance of yellow and white crusts on the baby’s head. They are often mistaken for signs of skin disease. Crusts appear in the area of ​​the fontanel and can spread throughout the head in the hair part. The reason for this is the increased work of the sebaceous glands. The body of the baby is still adapting to the environment, not all mechanisms work smoothly. The crusts disappear by themselves, without any treatment by the end of the first year of life. Some experts believe that you should not try to get rid of them. You can bring an infection by damaging the delicate skin of a newborn, while others, on the contrary, advise them to “cure” because the scales slow down the growth of hair in a child. new zealand online casinos