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Tips for completing the game Bionic Commando. Act 1 - Chapter 3 - Second Crack

Tips for completing the game Bionic Commando. Act 1 - Chapter 3

Hidden Bonuses: 4

Passage of the level: start by moving forward. Use your bionic arm to get to some upper platforms. This should not be a problem, especially since you will not receive fines if you fall. One of the platforms hides the crash, and the first bonus item can be found in close proximity. Swing on the rope to collect this item.

Keep moving towards your current destination. Upon arrival in a new large cave, an enemy Polycraft will attack you. I would recommend you use your new ability and start throwing objects at the aircraft. Watch out for his attacks, because you can die if a rocket hits you.

Go right after you deal with Polycraft and try to stay in the upper parts of the cave, because the second bonus item is nearby. It should not be too complicated to capture it. Continue on to your current destination until you reach areas occupied by enemy troops.

Do not forget that you must kill all enemy units encountered if you plan to make side calls. I would recommend you start throwing objects at them, especially large wrecked cars. You can also complete several “Death from above” moves if you wish. There are two groups here, and the second group will be larger.

Keep moving towards your current destination. Along the way, you will probably meet another group, and you decide how you want to get rid of the guards. Explore the small concrete structure when it is safe and you will find the third bonus item.

You can continue your approach. Do not miss the last fourth bonus item that will float in the air. Swing on a rope after attaching to one of the stones to collect this object. You will eventually leave the caves. Go up to return to the city and wait for the game to start loading a new area.

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