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Winter skin care

Seasons are constantly changing. Until recently, you were worried about how best to protect your child from sunlight, which in large quantities can be dangerous, now is not far off when you have to deal with skin protection in the winter.

Of particular danger are: warm and dry air indoors, strong winds and low temperatures outside, as well as constantly dressing and undressing when walking, which can irritate the baby’s skin even before the start of winter.

More irritation during this period also occurs because the skin of all people in winter is much more sensitive than in summer. The skin of a child is already sensitive at any time of the year, the consequences of the onset of winter can affect it much more than on the skin of an adult. The skin on the face, as well as on the rest of the body, dries and disappears much faster. Cracks and other damage to the skin may form on the face. How to protect the skin of a child in the winter?

Often you can hear opinions that to protect the skin of a child in winter, do not use creams because they contain water, which can lead to skin damage. However, creams that were developed specifically for this season have already appeared on the market. One of the best children's winter creams with a small amount of water is Weleda Calendula Cream. It protects the skin from damage by a strong wind, and also supplies it with the necessary nutrients. If you prefer to use natural creams, we recommend paying attention to almond-based cream, which, thanks to its optimal composition, protects the skin from irritation, and, which is very important in the winter, drying out.

In winter, vegetable oils are also popular, which almost do not contain pure water. It is better to apply them on the skin of the child after taking a bath, before going to bed. Sleeping after applying the child is better in pajamas. Oils stay on the skin much longer than creams and lotions.

Particular attention should be paid to oil for children's skin, the manufacturer of which is the Czech company Nobilis Tilia. It prevents the release of moisture contained under the skin, as a result of which it protects against drying out and, at the same time, does not let excess water inside. When applying oil, the skin of the child is additionally massaged. You can also use baby oil based on calendula. After returning home from the street, it is worthwhile to use specially balsam oil, which smoothes the effect of temperature differences. Whatever protective agent you choose, first look at the reviews about it and the recommendations of experts.

A very important point is the selection of clothing suitable for winter. Of course, as a rule, clothes made from natural materials are much better than artificial ones. Such materials pass air well. But the best solution would be to use several different layers of clothing from different materials. If the child is too hot, you can take off some of his clothes without being afraid that he will catch a cold. If the baby is very hot, his skin can be damaged too! In addition, never wear knitted items (sweaters, hats, etc.) so that they come in contact with bare skin. This can cause irritation! https://bestcasinocanadaonline.com/